One of the most important components to any building structure is the integrity and the quality of the water proofing. If the waterproofing fails whether it be on a roof, the top of a balcony or a masonry wall to a subfloor the cost and damage can be massive.

The most common fault of any failure in building structures or components is caused directly or indirectly by water penetration. This is often not noticed till the damage is extensive and sometimes irreparable.

We at BMA do a thorough examination to investigate the damage and the reasons the breakdown is occurring. All major waterproofing inspections are done through our licenced and experienced building inspectors.

No waterproofing job is to big or too small for us to carry out and give you the results and service you deserve.

With our diverse range of experience we cover all areas of waterproofing which include:

  • Leaking showers
  • Leaking roofs
  • Leaking balconies
  • Leaking high rise top decks.
  • All other areas.

Call us now for free advice and peace of mind.

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