Building Maintenance Australia

Building Maintenance Australia cover the full range of building maintenance, alterations and repairs on Russell Island. Our broad experience and fully licensed tradesmen ensure that every job is completed with professionalism and fully guaranteed workmanship.

Regular maintenance can add value to your home and provide peace of mind yet finding a professional and ethical maintenance company can often be a hit or miss experience.

You will have confidence that Building Maintenance Australia will identify your maintenance requirements and provide complete customer satisfaction. Don’t let your most valuable asset deteriorate when a solution is only a phone call away.

Established by Daniel Golin, owner of TermiGold, Building Maintenance Australia has been operating on the Gold Coast for many years and has now moved to Russell Island. Daniel has over 24 years experience in the building and maintenance trade and is an actively registered practitioner and inspector in QLD and NSW.

Building Maintenance Australia was established after discovering a need for quality maintenance services whilst running a successful building inspection company.

The team of highly qualified and fully  licenced tradesmen working with us contribute to the success of our team. We pride ourselves on our prompt and reliable service and our high quality of workmanship, qualities that separate us from our competition. We have numerous qualifications in building maintenance and extensive experience in all aspects of building repairs.

Daniel’s qualifications include:

Why choose Building Maintenance Australia:

We know how frustrating it can be when you are waiting for a “tradie” to turn up for a job only to be let down by tardiness or worse still no shows. Communication is always maintained between ourselves and the client so that you can rest assured that we will always keep you informed to avoid unnecessary waiting periods.

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