Leaking Shower Repairs

Leaking Showers are a common issue for many home and building owners with a minor leak often resulting in extensive costs and repairs if not addressed promptly. Leaking showers are a number one priority for the team at Building Maintenance Australia as they fully understand the implications of leaving a leaking shower un-repaired.


Often the cause of a leaking shower may be difficult to detect. A small amount of grout may be missing between the tiles, the internal corners are gapping or a cracked tile could be the issue, but often the cause is from a break down in the waterproofing system that you don’t see as it lays under the tiles.

It is important to address the issue of leaking showers as soon as possible to reduce the possibility extensive structural damage or excessive water attracting white ants to dine on your building timbers. Showers that leak often look unsightly or smell and the mould and fungal spores associated with the water can cause health issues.

Building Maintenance Australia use state of the art water leak detection systems to access the causes and apply the most efficient and long lasting fix. Repairs to leaking showers can include resealing, re-grouting tiles, applying waterproofing membranes, tiling, screen replacements and plumbing.

All leaking shower repairs are carried out by highly qualified and fully insured QBSA technicians using the highest quality products. We offer exceptional service and guaranteed quality finishes.

Don’t watch your money go down the drain, for affordable and efficient leaking shower repairs please call Building Maintenance Australia today on 0418 472 623.

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